Fashion should not sacrifice body and mind. Returning to the true value of clothing is always the original intention of the Tovni brand. We pay more attention to whether the style, color, and texture can meet the needs of women, satisfy the pleasure of the senses, and satisfy the care of the touch. 


Tovin aim to become a leading fashion brand, as well as a trendsetter within our industry, generating long lasting and trust-based relationships with our customers, and empowering them to follow their passion, so that they can feel comfortable stepping outside the established norms to be different and unique. 


We encourage women to have a positive and confident attitude. They are endowed with charming curves by nature, it is a kind of nature beauty. No matter what kind of body you are, Tovin can show your unique curve beauty. Every girl should have the right to express themselves and make things around look better. Self-awareness is what we actually adovate. Let Tovin give you a stage to express yourself boldly and show your dazzling brilliance!

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